Kate Rosenblatt
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Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m a NYC-based psychotherapist, specializing in eating disorders prevention and intervention. I love all things health, food, and innovation.

Follow along here as I share updates on my current projects in the holistic wellbeing space!


My Story

Food and storytelling have always been the things that light me up the most.

Growing up in Connecticut, my love for all things health and wellness-related started young; with a physician for a father and a nurse (and master gardener) for a mother, how could I not? As a child, my summers were spent picking snow peas and tomatoes from our backyard garden, and discussing diabetes around the dinner table. I feel lucky that cooking and eating delicious homemade meals with people I love was the norm for me.

And then I learned about eating disorders. It wasn’t until undergrad at Miami University that I really started studying about this devastating disorder that affects nearly 1 in 10 Americans; 30 million Americans reportedly are diagnosed with an eating disorder at sometime in their lives.

These disorders fascinated me -- what causes an eating disorder? How do you support people in getting back to health? And most interestingly for me, how do you prevent these?

I went on to graduate school to study Counseling Psychology at Lesley University. Upon graduating in 2010, I have spent the last number of years as a therapist specializing in eating disorders, training and working alongside some of the leading clinicians and innovators in the field.